Quality policy

Quality Policy

LOGICOM, responding to the requirements of the modern business reality and aiming at the continuous improvement of its organizational structure, always aiming at the best customer service, implements a Quality Management System according to the
requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.

LOGICOM is committed to providing fuel control and management products and services that meet the requirements of its customers, stakeholders, legislation and meet high quality standards.

For the continuous achievement of the above objectives the Company:
• constantly improves its methods and procedures
• ensures the implementation of the observance of the rules of good behavior and professionalism by all its staff
• modernizes its equipment and tools
• seeks continuous quality improvement, individually and collectively and is committed to the continuous upgrading of the Quality Management System.

At LOGICOM we believe that success is reflected in the continuous satisfaction of our customers. The entire staff participates in the achievement of this goal, while the Management of the company gives special importance to the prevention and investigation of non-compliances, the improvement
the quality of the services provided and the Quality system itself.

Building a stable relationship of trust with customers is a key goal of the company and to achieve it, measurable indicators have been set, which are monitored on an ongoing basis.

In order to achieve the quality goals of the company, it is considered necessary the involvement of all employees and the development of initiatives by the company executives.

The ability of staff to express themselves and submit proposals for improvement is institutionalized and considered highly
important for upgrading the quality of the products and services provided, but also for strengthening the spirit of inter-corporate understanding and cooperation.

The purpose of LOGICOM is to meet in the most satisfactory, efficient and economical way the requirements of the Customer and to provide him with long-term confidence, through a stable cooperation, in a friendly atmosphere.

F. Zaimis