Portable Fuel Station MDS

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Fully complies with the requirements of the law

What is fuel portable station MDS ?

The portable station MDS is a “plug and play” gas station that is delivered to the customer’s premises, ready for use. All MDSs fully comply with the specifications / requirements of the legislation while we can satisfy any special requirements of our customers.

Licensing of MDS portable station

MDS’s or mobile diesel stations are accompanied by all the necessary technical documents and declarations for their licensing. 

The MDS portable gas station fully complies with the requirements of the Ministerial Decision 37776/2645/2017 Government Gazette 1882 / Β / 30-5-2017 and are accompanied by all the necessary Certifications & Certificates, indicatively:

  • ATEX equipment certificates
  • Tank ADR certificate
  • Electrical assembly, according to the ELOT HD 384 standard
  • tank volume calibration, by Logicom Laboratory (the first laboratory in Greece to receive accreditation from ESYD)
  • study of ATEX explosive zones
  • E / M study
  • engineer certificates for:
    • the construction of the tank according to the standard BS EN 12285-2:2005
    • Hydraulic Testing and Certification in accordance with applicable National and European standards for liquid fuel pipelines
    • tightness of the safety basin (for tanks mounted on a metal stretcher)

Types of portable fuel station MDS

Logicom has standardized five (5) types of MDS (7, 10, 15, 20, 30 cubic meters)

which include the following:

  • Double wall tank
  • Single nozzle pump, speed 80 lt / min (optional 40 or 130 lt / min)
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Electrical installation according to the ELOT HD 384 standard
  • Hydraulic installation with hydraulic test certificate
  • Electrical panel with lightning protection fuses
  • Interior and exterior painting of MDS in a color of your choice
  • Separator between pump – tank
  • Climbing ladder to the manhole of the MDS tank
  • Calibrated hand rod 

Some of the features included in the MDS portable Station:

  • pumps with one or two nozzles, speed 40 – 80lt / min
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Input – Output system

optional – integrated ForeFleet management system

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Why Logicom

Why Logicom

  • It’s the top company in Greece, specialized in the supply of fuel control and management systems, with a wide range of solutions.
  • It owns the first accreditated laboratory certified by ESYD according to ISO-17025 for tank calibrations
  • Belongs to the largest group of companies in the world (Gilbarco Veeder-Root) specializing in fuel management solutions
  • Has implemented large and important projects in Greece, while at the same time has extensive know-how from projects in 60 countries, including more than 47,000 gas stations and 7,500,000 vehicles »
  • It grows daily by increasing its customer base and its collaborations
  • It has implemented the largest inland gas station and fleet supply management project in Europe
  • It has been trusted by most important companies for distribution and production of fuels
  • It has an installed base of fuel recipient identification systems that exceeds 35,000 placements in the Greek market
  • It has offices in Athens and Thessaloniki and partners in other cities in Greece


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