Common questions for Retail Fuel Station Management

  • Because it is the most easy to use fuel station management system on the market
  • Both  input-output system and the commercial management software are developed and supported by Logicom, eliminating any compatibility, communication and support problems between them
  • All Logicom’s systems are fully compatible with a corresponding tank pricing solution developed and supported by Logicom
  • Logicom’s tech is accompanied by a wide variety of reliable peripheral devices such as driver, employee recognition and customer loyalty cards.
  • Our tech is the only compatible with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s new state-of-the-art E7 fuel vending machine
  • Logicom is the sole provider of ForeFleet tank ring reading system for the integration of servicing corporate fleets equipped with the corresponding system

Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Fuel Fleet Management

Yes, we can undertake this task on your behalf with an extra cost