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Logicom’s advanced technological solution covers all the activities of liquid fuel distribution in each service station, with automatic recording of the moving volumes, automatic comparison for the inputs – outputs and sending of the data to the G.G.P.S.

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Input Output System

According to Law 3784 (Government Gazette 137A / 07-08-2009) of the state, it is mandatory to install automatic Input-Output systems in all gas stations in the country.

Decisions Φ2-1617 (Government Gazette 1980 / 21-12-2010) and POL.1009 include the operating specifications of the systems, as well as the schedule for their installation at gas stations.

The latest decisions Φ2-2022 (Government Gazette 3017 / 14-11-2012) and POL.1203 (Government Gazette 3130 / 26-11-2012) define or modify some elements of the previous decisions and constitute the final configuration of the specifications of the Input-Output systems .

The Input-Output system is required to cover all the activities of liquid fuel distribution in each service station, with automatic recording of the moving volumes, automatic comparison for the inputs-outputs and sending of the data to the GIS.

Due to the high demand on all automated processes and the limitations on measurement errors, the development of systems requires extensive experience and high know-how.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the tank control system, as well as to the volumetric measurement of the tanks, due to the significant effect they have on the results of the Input-Output system.

Solutions for:

  • Gas stations
  • Companies that have an internal gas station
  • Tax warehouses (biodiesel)
  • Urban and Intercity Transport
  • Municipality and Regions
  • Public organizations

Unique Systems

  • Pump management system
  • Tank control system
  • GasStation Software

Fuel types supported

 Petrol, of any type (normal fuel, premium fuel, heating)

Gasoline of all types


Natural gas


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Why Logicom

Why Logicom

  • It’s the top company in Greece, specialized in the supply of fuel control and management systems, with a wide range of solutions.
  • It owns the first accreditated laboratory certified by ESYD according to ISO-17025 for tank calibrations
  • Belongs to the largest group of companies in the world (Gilbarco Veeder-Root) specializing in fuel management solutions
  • Has implemented large and important projects in Greece, while at the same time has extensive know-how from projects in 60 countries, including more than 47,000 gas stations and 7,500,000 vehicles »
  • It grows daily by increasing its customer base and its collaborations
  • It has implemented the largest inland gas station and fleet supply management project in Europe
  • It has been trusted by most important companies for distribution and production of fuels
  • It has an installed base of fuel recipient identification systems that exceeds 35,000 placements in the Greek market
  • It has offices in Athens and Thessaloniki and partners in other cities in Greece

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