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Nozzle Reader

Nozzle Reader

The Vehicle Identification Equipment on the pump nozzles offers vehicle / machine identification reading.

This data is transmitted wirelessly from the nozzle to the wireless data collection equipment.

As part of the system operation, the fuel pumps are permanently “locked” and are activated automatically only when their nozzle is inserted into the refueling port of an authorized vehicle.

If during the refueling attempt is made to remove the nozzle from the tank mouth, the fuel flow is stopped automatically and is restored only by inserting the nozzle into the tank mouth.

With the above procedure it is certified that the quantity of supply recorded by the pump has been introduced in its entirety in the specific vehicle.

In cases where there is a need to deliver fuel outside an authorized vehicle (eg refueling generators, etc.) a special control is provided that activates the pump while “charging” the refueling to the operator instead of the vehicle.

To achieve the above function, the Orpak Nozzle Reader is placed in the pump nozzle. This equipment can be installed on all types of nozzles.