Delatolas Fuel Management project

Delatolas Fuel Management project

In 2018, Logicom implemented the joint project of automated recording of receipts, distribution and fuel consumption of the transport company DELATOLS EXPRESS CARGO.

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The company has its own gas station, as well as more than 36 trucks which are refueled at both privately owned and external gas stations.

The aim of the project is the automated recording of inputs in the tanks of the gas station, the automated recording of fuel deliveries to vehicles, the calculation of average consumption per kilometer and / or per hour of operation, the calculation of fuel balances, the production of alarms and a number of monitoring events the system.

Data from all points are collected in a central database enabling the authorized personnel of the company to track the complete history of fuel handling and consumption, regardless of the geographical location of the project.

The utilization of the information system has resulted in the reduction of fuel costs, the simplification of the internal procedures for the realization and recording of the supplies, while at the same time it offers the possibility of producing reports and statistics for the administration. In addition, the automatic recording of odometers and timers of vehicles / machines offers the technical service the possibility of timely preventive maintenance.